LIUNA Local 29F VS. ACOE: Distribution is ONGOING

We are pleased to inform you of an exciting accomplishment on behalf of LIUNA Local 29F bargaining unit employees of the United States Department of the Army, Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District.

The Union has successfully settled the grievance filed in February of 2009 and your settlement funds will be distributed by Class Action Implementation Group (CAIG).

To be eligible for any payment from the Settlement Proceeds, you MUST be a covered BUE. A covered BUE is one who appears in the Agency’s bargaining unit employee lists for at least 180 days during the Grievance timeframe while being designated as FLSA NonExempt or while being in a position that the Union has determined should have been treated as FLSA NonExempt. Eligibility was determined based upon a comprehensive review of Agency-provided data.

If you have received a notification email from CAIG, with your login information, please proceed to CAIG online portal and log in. You will need to confirm your contact information and federal / state tax information, so that your payment can be processed.

If you have not received a notification, but believe that you should be party to this settlement, CAIG needs to verify your information.

CAIG, in collaboration with Union's legal counsel, will verify whether you are eligible to be part of this settlement.

To begin the verification process, please email the following information or fax it to (888) 889-6448:

• First Name
• Middle Name
• Last Name
• Last 4 digits of SSN
• Email Address (home)
• Email Address (work)
• Phone Number (Evenings)
• Phone Number (Day Time)
• Mailing Address
• City
• State
• Zip Code

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